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I read with interest this thread as although legally I have a problem
with the copyright implications of cleaning up movies by unauthorised
editing of movies - although this does happen all the time in newspaper
and other popular media, I do applaud the initiative of trying to cater
to families by taking out some of the 'nasty bits' that are usually not
that necessary to the storyline. But then saying that, the hairs on my
neck bristled when I read this line from the "Clean-edited-movies" page     "Look for
CleanFlicks to be a major player/fighter in this market for a while.
There are even rumors that the company will start CleanBooks, a service
to edit books for content".

Is there a line to draw - and when/where is it? - why do I hesitate to
applaude similar behaviour in books than what is being done to movies -
which after all are under the same legal rights as books?? When is
unauthorised editing appropriate or even acceptable - if at all?
Journalists do it all the time to meet deadlines, length and impact
requirements, who else does it?

Serious questions about a serious issue...

Dianne McKenzie
Australian International School HK

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