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I have a problem and need your advice. Last year I fought very hard for - and got - 
my library aide. However, she was not the one I would have hired. My principal (who 
is retiring at the end of this year) pushed this woman on me, probably because she 
has connections in this small community.

The problem is that she has been a nightmare to deal with - she does her job, but 
she was rude and obnoxious to just about everyone, including me. I had a meeting 
with her, documented it as my AP (who will be principal next year) suggested. Since 
then, she has become sickeningly sweet to everyone, but even so she continually 
alienates everyone and seems to have undone in 2 months, what I have built up in 2 
years. Also, there is a definite power struggle between us - she continually 
oversteps her bounds and she tries to project the image to everyone that she is the 
librarian and this is her library; instead of being an assistant to me, she tries 
to dominate and take over everything. I'm not imagining this - everyone tells me 
they notice this.

All I want to do is turn this library into a welcoming place where students and 
faculty can come and have their research needs met. I do not want to engage in a 
power struggle with someone who is supposed to help me. My question is, how would 
you handle this? My goal is to somehow prevent her from having her contract renewed 
at the end of the year - I'd rather eliminate the position, than deal with this.

Any advice you can give me, would be most appreciated. For privacy's sake, I will 
include only my first name and my email address on this one.


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