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I am a graduate student in Information Science at the University of Tennessee 
Knoxville. I am studying to become a School Media Specialist. This semester I am 
working in an elementary school getting practical experience.

The school I am at has changed magazine vendors this year and the librarian is 
struggling with getting the magazines the kids enjoy and finding new ones that may 
be of interest to them. We were talking about this and I offered to write you all 
for suggestions.

She is looking for good general magazines that the kids in grades K-5 enjoy. She 
has several of the standards such as Zoobooks, Boys Life, American Girl and Kids 
Discover. What she is needing are suggestions for some new ideas. One parent 
suggested something to do with hobbies or crafts for girls. The ones we looked at 
were more adult oriented.

She also has tried Cricket, New Moon, and Spider in the past but the children are 
not interested. She takes BMX and Nintendo Power because of the high demand.

Any suggestions can be sent to me off line and I will compile a list to send to 

Thank you in advance for any suggestions given.

Joyce Morris
Graduate Student

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