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Hi Netters

I'm just writing to let everyone know that I have a new HERO and his
name is Dan Robinson. He noticed my comment that I missed getting my
digested messages with hypertext links to the messages...and he found
out how to do it! A number of you wrote to ask me to post a HIT if I
ever found out how to do this...SO, for those of you wanting to do
likewise, here's how:

you send a command to


remembering to leave the subject line blank and to type the following in
the message area...remembering to ONLY have this in the body of your
message - erase or turn off any automatic return addressing you might have:

set LM_NET html digest

A few nanoseconds later, you will get a message from the listserv
detailing what your new options are for the listserv. (you can also find
this out on your own at any time by sending the command - query LM_NET -
to the above address).

The next group of messages you will receive from LM_NET will have links
to the messages by subject lines which you can readily read through. All
you need do is click on the subject and the text of the message will
come up:-)

Enjoy...and THANKS DAN!


PS - don't send me thanks....send them to Dan ;-)

Jody Newman
Library Aide, retired
Stow MA
Share your knowledge. It is the way to live forever.

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