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Dear LM_NET friends,
Thanks to all of you who responded to my question about providing students
access to web site addresses using computers armed with Deep Freeze
software. It was great to hear from so many of you! Unlike teachers, who
can interact together on the same campus daily, being a librarian in a
small school can make one feel very isolated. It's good to know help and
support is only an e-mail away!
I have included a representation of all the methods suggested:

It seems to me that you need to make a web page for your library. That way
you can connect any sites you want for as long as you want and they won't
get wiped out over night.

Another approach is to put targeted URLs on a Portaportal site, with the
bookmark for Portaportal

I created a stopgap document while contemplating creating a webpage with
links.  We, too, have Deep Freeze.  I have a Word document where I create
the Favorites.  I include the title of the website, the hyperlink, and I
also create categories.  Whenever possible, I have the document placed on
the desktop with Deep Freeze thawed.  However, if you save it in My
Documents (usually a thawed area is set aside for My Documents) you can
then teach students to go to My Docs, open up the Resource Page, and click
and go on the hyperlinks.  The Resource Page becomes your bookmarks.  In
this way it is also easy to make changes and additions to the document.

Have you considered the site: ?  I am just starting
to use it with my students and perhaps it would help you in your situation.
You could always get into the site before your students arrive and then
they would simply have to choose the proper folder and site.

We also have Deep Freeze on the machines in my library. I have a password so
that I can "thaw" the computers in order to add bookmarks, etc. Ask your
tech person if you may have such access. If they say, "no", then give them
the list of bookmarks that you would like them to add to each machine. CC
your principal and make sure that in your letter you state that these links
support your curriculum. Hopefully, your tech person will either add the
links, or decide to give you the password to thaw the machines.
Our machines automatically reboot into thaw mode for an hour after school.
If your machines are on an automatic thaw cycle, perhaps you can add your
bookmarks then?

Could you open a word document and paste the URLs there?
Then students holding down the control key and clicking
on the link could access that way?

ask them to 'thaw' a section of the hard drive for maintaining favorites.
DeepFreeze (I believe) allows you to do this.

If you have a school web site, you can create a page and then have your
tech people set that page as the home page on the library computers.
Even if you have no idea how to create a web page, you can make one if
you know how to use Microsoft Word. You simply type in the name of the
sites you want on the page, then type the address and press enter -
which will automatically create a hyperlink. You can then choose
file/save and use the drop down arrow to choose to save as a web page.
Once you have created the page, simply email the document to the school
web master and ask him/her to upload it for you. I hope this is a
possibility for you.

Hello - Could you make a simple library home page that would be the
browser's home page? That way, younger kids could just click on the
browser icon, your library links page would pop up, then they could click
on the link to the proper page. You can also make just one update to the
web page that way, instead of going from computer to computer making a
bookmark that won't last anyway. For very young kids, you could add image
links so the teacher could say, "Click on the apple, and we'll go to the
apple cider page!"

Joy Currin, Librarian
Sturgeon Elementary School
Lawrenceville, VA

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