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I'm sorry, I didn't know LM_NET doesn't accept attachments.  I have cut and pasted 
the list.  Hope this helps.  

I shelve all my videos, kits, DVDs, models, etc. together by Dewey number. I want 
my teachers to be able to do one stop shopping and see all our nonprint resources 
together in one spot.  My other self, however, is strongly considering shelving 
items by grade as I am getting tired of teachers taking items that sound 
interesting and stamping all over another
grade's curriculum needs. I have one teacher who is especially thoughtless about 
this and no amount of talking with her helps.


I shelve videotapes, audi tapes, teacher resources, class book sets, and puppets 
seperately because only the teachers are allowed to check out these items.  Hope 
this helps.


It depends on who is using the material. I interfiled the audiocassette books with 
the regular books. Then students who were using these materials could find them 

I interfiled teacher resources (kits and videos and computer software) so that 
those patrons could go to one location to find everything on that topic.

Some teachers prefer to have all the videos together because they aren't looking 
for material to support the curriculum. They're looking for a "video".....just be 
aware that's what they're looking for.


I would shelve your regular collection separate from your professional collection.  
Then within your professional collection put all formats together.  I think it is 
helpful to teachers to see there is a fabulous book that would go with what she is 
teaching while reaching for the video she always uses.  It works for me!


Oh how things never change.... 26 years ago my state department people were 
absolutely firm about this.... and being a high school, I knew if the videos were 
put on the regular shelves they would disappear in 3 minutes or less....   ;-) I 
just ignored them... even if they were right... and I still don't think so.... most 
of our videos are for the curriculum and the teachers absolutely don't want the 
students to have seen ahead of time, videos they are going to teach with....  
because of course those students are going to be bored because they have seen it 
before....If the state people had followed up, I would have put
the videos out.... but just the video/sound filmstrips holders... not the actual 
videos them
self....  so it would have doubled my work effort in getting them to whomever 
wanted them... one to the shelf to get the holder and then to get the actual video 
to go in it.  


Intershelving was a big push in the 70's and early 80's but although most 
librarians thought it was a good idea philosophically, they found it rarely worked 
well in actual practice, with security issues, shelf sizing, etc., thus you rarely 
see it today. 


As a library user I would like all format intershelved, but as a librarian I see 
this as a real
pain.  The physical size, shape, type of container, etc. make this really hard to 
keep looking nice.


From my experience, while it seems nice at first, it causes problems on the 
shelves--different formats are different sizes.  This sometimes frustrates patrons 
when the smaller items fall off, etc.   Also, makes a lot of work for the 


Tried it. Didn't work. I'm not sure why. The audio-visual things began
to disappear.


At the school I am at we separate material, except paperbacks are
shelved with hardbacks.  However, about 30 years ago when I was
interning for my library endorsement I worked at an elementary school
that shelved everything together.  Special shelves were built to handle
the books and boxes for kits.  It worked out great at that level.  The
school also had a very generous budget and a grant for equipment loans,
so a student could check out a filmstrip and viewer for overnight.  My
budget is such that I don't have enough equipment or software to check
out to students and I also do not have shelving that would prevent small
items from sliding through to the back.  The one plus is that it helped
students realize that information comes from all sources.


    I was at a workshop on Thursday and Friday so am just catching up.  For
ease of administration, I keep like formats together.  Good MARC records in
your OPAC will group items with similar subjects together for your patron.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Penny Morgan, Librarian Lee Hill Elementary School

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