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I have a two pronged somewhat strange question. In looking at my library I'm 
finding that I have a lot of oversize (i.e. tall) books lying on their sides. I 
would like to move the shelves so that they are tall enough to accomodate these 
books in an upright position but it seems these tall books aren't any standard 
size. Does anyone have suggestions as to a standard height that I could make my 
shelves that would allow me to shelve a majority of these books upright without 
sacrificing too much shelf space?

The other related question to this is my reference area. All my reference books are 
on low shelves in the center of the library. In order to accomodate the taller 
books I would have to take one shelf out making the bookshelves two shelves high. 
Theoretically I could weed out more than half of my reference collection and do 
this but ultimately I'm hoping to have my reference collection current and useful 
and may need the room. Any suggestions of how to address this issue?

Thanks for being so patient with this first-year media specialist!


Renee Choe-Winter
Media Specialist
Benton Community MS/HS
Van Horne, IA  52346

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