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> Date:    Fri, 5 Nov 2004 09:30:29 -0600
> From:    GeorgeAnne Draper <GDraper@WYNNE.K12.AR.US>
> Subject: INT: Olive's Ocean
> Since the banning of OLIVE'S OCEAN from the intermediate library, I have
> been trying to figure out what is so profane in that book.  There is a
> brief discussion of "parental" sex, but it certainly is not detailed nor
> inappropriate; there are a couple of instances of profanity, but they
> aren't in there for the sake of selling the book.  The intermediate
> librarian is really in mourning over this situation, so I would
> appreciate it if you would answer a couple of questions for us.Thanks so
> much.
> 1.Is OLIVE'S OCEAN in your intermediate (3-5) library?

> 2.Would  you expect it to be challenged?  If so, why?
ANSWER: I doubt it would be challenged, but might be questioned because of
the parental sex remarks.

> 3. As a librarian, what do you think you would do if the book had been
> challenged and gone through the evaluation committee (5 people), and
> then banned for all children from your library? (The principal of the
> school was on the committee and had a vote; the vote was not unanimous,
> but HE probably wasn't one of those who voted to keep it on the shelf).
ANSWER: I guess I would follow our selection policy and go along with the
decision of the committee. I know librarians worry about "freedom to read",
but I don't think this one book in a 3-5 library is worth a big scene.

Barbara Allen
Clarksburg (MO) Elementary School (K-8).

> Thanks for any comments or light you can shed on this.
> George Anne Draper, libarian
> Wynne High School, Wynne, AR

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