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Dear LM_NET:

We do charge a fine for late items. We started doing so about three years
ago. I charge 25 cents a day per late item. If a student mentions it, I will
forgive a fine if they were absent. I do not charge for the days that I am
absent. We hold grade cards for students with overdue books and fines.( I
realize this is not legal)
Students who owe for books from the prior year(s) are not allowed to come to
the library or to use the library's computers.

Having been a librarian in a secondary school(7-12) for 21 years this is
what I have learned about late items and fines:

Few students complain about the fines.
Students return items when they are finished with them, fines or not.
Holding grade cards does not matter to many students.
Fines generate extra money which is handy now that budgets are tight.
Charging fines/restricting services can serve as a life lesson.(What will
happen when they don't pay their utility bill?)

Fines/Overdue Lists only work if the faculty and administration cooperate.
The faculty sets a poor example. Their items are late and sometimes lost.

Kay Goss
Director, Library Media Services
Mansfield Secondary Library
316 West Ohio Ave.
Mansfield, MO. 65704
417-924-3236 Ext. 311

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