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Dear Library Lovers,

Thank you for the wonderful book suggestions. A few people asked for a hit so here 
it is. It really helped. I hope my lessons go as smooth. I also want to suggest the 
book Boxes for Katje. It is about WWII? where a wonderful group in US sends care 
packages to Katje to help her city. Then they get so much they share with many more 
cities. It is a wonderful feel good historical fiction book.

Thanks again,

Charlene Schwartz
Elementary Librarian
Richland Center, WI
"Never underestimate the power of the Schwartz!" - Mel Brooks (Yogurt in 

The Sea Chest by Toni Buzzeo

The interior story of The Sea Chest is set in the 1870's in
Maine.  The frame story takes place in the early 1950's.  So historical on
both counts. -
What about the Claude books by Noble and Byars, The Golly Sisters?
Eve Bunting has some good ones too, like Train to Somewhere about the
orphan trains going west from New York.  Jean Van Leevuen has Going West
which I used when I taught geography.  It's great for immigration and
the westward movement.

Lynn Butler, LMS
Lamar Elementary Library
San Angelo, Texas
"Reading is a Window to the World!"
The Batboy and his violin -- negro leagues
Dakota Dugout (Ann Turner) -- 1800's
When the soldiers were gone (short chapter book) -- WWII
The Blue and the gray (Eve Bunting)
Going West (Van Leeuwen, Jean)

Susan Kempel
Fargo, ND
The first thing that comes to mind is Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride by
Pam Munoz Ryan.  Also, you might try Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco.  I
hope this helps!

Brenda Young, Library Media Specialist
Rose Hill Elementary
Omaha, NE 
Try this site for finding picture books by topic: 
Please make use of my historical fiction site 
within each grouping are picture books, if I know about them.
I'd appreciate any titles you receive.
Kim ->
Pepe, the lamplighter
The Potato Man
Ox-cart Man
Stevenson's Don't You Know there's a War on?

Leslie Greaves Radloff
Librarian / Media Specialist 
Rondo, IRC
560 Concordia Avenue
St. Paul, MN  55103
Fax: 651.325.2778
E BRE   Wagon wheels    Brenner, Barbara
E COR   Milly and the Macy's parade Corey, Shana.       
E JOO   Lewis & Papa: adventure on the Santa Fe Trail
Joosse, Barbara 
E BUN   Dandelions      Bunting, Eve
E LEV   Nine for California     Levitin, Sonia
E SAN   Warm as wool    Sanders, Scott R
Barb Fritz <>
  How about:
        Nine for California by Levitin
        Casey Over There by Rabin (great for Veterans' Day)
        Mailing May by Tunnell
        The Babe and I by Adler 

Cher Skiles, Librarian
John Weldon Elementary
St. Charles, MO
(636) 851-5429 
Nine For California
Pink and Say
Sister Anne's Hands
Goin' Someplace Special
They Came from the Bronx
Drummer Boy: Marching to the Civil War
Sam, the Minuteman
The Blue and the Gray
Virgie Goes to School with us Boys
Where the Forest Meets the Sea
Alice Ramsey's Great Adventure
Where the Buffalo Roam
A Place Called Freedom

Susan Grigsby <>

THE FINEST HORSE IN TOWN by Jacqueline Briggs Martin (a great writing 
book is available as a pdf file on her site; link to it from the page 
about this book at 

BICYCLE MADNESS by Jane Kurtz - -about Frances Willard a women's 
suffrage figure-based on a true story (early chapter book)

FANNY IN THE KITCHEN by Deborah Hopkinson -- fictionalized life of Fanny Farmer

MARIA SEES A COMMENT by Deborah Hopkinson -- fictionalized life of 
Maria Mitchell, a scientist

MARGARET KNIGHT:  INVENTOR  by Marlene Targ Brill -- about Margaret 
Knight who invented a device that saved lives in the sweatshops AND 
the flat bottomed paper sacks.


There may be others in my brain but not coming out yet.  :>)
Sharron McElmeel <>
Katie's Trunk by Ann Turner - a short story about a Tory family during
the Revolutonary War."Asher" <>
Hope these help....
Sam the minuteman
George the drummer boy
Six silver spoons
Grandma Essie's covered wagon
Li'l Dan, the drummer boy
When Mr Jefferson came to Philadelphia

Caryn Werlin
Bridge School Library
55 Middleby Rd.
Lexington, MA 02420
There are lots - here's a few:
The Blue and the Gray - Eve Bunting
Now Let Me Fly - Dolores Johnson (slavery)
Cecil's Story - George Ella Lyon (civil war)
Pink and Say - Patricia Polacco (civil war)
Follow the Drinking Gourd - Jeanette Winter (underground railroad)
Josephina Story Quilt - Eleanor Coerr (westward movement)
Cassie's Journey - Brett Harvey (westward movement)
New Hope - Henry Sorenson            "
Going West - Jean VanLeeuwen      "
Grandma Essie's Covered Wagon - David Williams    "
The Little Ships - Louise Borden  (World War II)
Star of Fear, Star of Hope - Jo Hoestlandt  (Holocaust)
Don't Forget - Pat Lakin (Holocaust)
Nim and the War Effort - Milly Lee (WWII)
The Bracelet - Yoshiko Uchida (Japanese Internment)
Hope that helps -

Joan Powers, Libray Teacher
Undermountain Elementary School
Sheffield, MA 01257
Ann Turner has several titles.  Also, Nathaniel Benchley (older titles)
"Allen, Norma" <>
Boston Coffee Party by Doreen Rappaport
Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie, by Peter Roop
Ida Early Comes Over the Mountain, by Robert Burch
William's House, by Ginger Howard
Long Way to a New Land, by Joan Sandin
The 18 Penny Ghost, by Sally Walker
The Blue and the Gray, by Eve Bunting
Cecil's Story, by George Ella Lyon
Battle for St. Michael's, by Emily Arnold McCully
When I Was Young in the Mountains, by Cynthia Rylant

"Patrice Huckaby" <>
I would be sure to include Patricia Polacco.  She's written Pink and Say about the 
Civil War and The Butterfly and WWII.


Debi Tebeau
Media Specialist
Evans High School
Evans, GA
"Tebeau, Debbie" <>
Several of Eve Bunting books are great also.
Laura Messina
Library Manager
Blue Ridge Mid School
Laura Messina <>

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