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Hello, Robin -

I see 25 classes a week of first, second and third graders. I've been doing
this for a long time. Here's what works for me.

I start out the year with each class viewing a PowerPoint show. In it I
include my three rules - Take care of the books, take care of each other,
and No hands on the fish tank.
I explain that Take Care of each other means we will treat everyone in the
room with respect, and I expect them to follow my directions. I tell them
that my directions are never hard. Mostly it's sit on the floor like a
pretzel, walk in the library, use a quiet voice, etc.

Then, as the weeks go by, as needed, and only as needed, I explain the Three
Strikes You're Out policy I use. Some classes never hear this speech because
they don't need it. I do have a few classes that do, though.

Three Strikes You're Out means I will make sure everyone understands my
directions. If a student fails to follow the directions, I say STRIKE ONE to
that child. Usually that's all that's needed. Usually it's for something
like lying on the floor (or is it laying? I can never get that right - ) or
calling out continuously.

If the student continues to have a problem I say STRIKE TWO. Only twice this
year I've had to say STRIKE THREE. Then the student has to move to the time
out chair. And they stay there until the teacher returns.

I don 't get mad. I don't yell and scream. I make sure I talk to the child
in the chair about why he is there. And if I have a moment I write down what
the problem is for the classroom teacher.

A few of the teachers have the kids earning "compliments" or a marble for a
jar for good behavior. That helps sometimes but it's hard for me to keep it

Hope this helps you.

Karen DeFrank, LMS
Bullock School
Glassboro NJ

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