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From: Darlene Yasick

Subject: Target" Late books and renewals

We don't charge fines- were told we couldn't- but we don't let anyone with overdues 
check out anything else. If the situation gets "bad" enough that includes logging 
on to the computers in the library or attached computer lab. That gets attention 
really fast. I usually give the kids at least one warning.-- your book is overdue, 
if you don't return/renew it the next time you want to use a computer you won't be 
able to. (computers are "checked out" for the class period) The teachers are very 
supportive, will often let the kids go back to their lockers for books and remind 
them when they are coming down. If a book is only a day or two overdue, I just 
remind them without the warning but some books are months overdue. I tell the kids 
I keep track ( don't really except in some special cases) and the book usually 
shows up the next time they really have to type a paper. Overdues are a pain for 
the whole class while I have to override the system so that the computer can be 
checked ou!
 t. I do
 fall for the sob stories most of the time.
It's funny that this was brought up because I have a related question that had been 
bothering me. We check out books for two weeks. How many renewals do you allow. I 
know the PL here will let you renew once if no one is waiting for the item. I have 
been allowing kids to renew as many times as needed.

 A situation has developed this year that is beginning to get me really frustrated. 
Several of our teachers are using a DEAR type program. They were nice enough to 
bring classes down to let me book talk. Of course the best, newest, most checked 
out books were snapped up first. We  have very very few multiple copies ( condition 
of collection and money) so these titles are not available. Some of these books 
have now been checked out since the beginning of September. These are the books I 
want to hook some of the reluctant readers on but they are not available. ( kids 
don't seem to want to put a hold on a book) I know that some of the books are just 
being carried around so that they have a book to read for 15 min on Friday. ( How 
long does it take to read a 120 page book!?) I'm thinking of changing checkout to 
three weeks with one renewal. Is it wise to switch horses in midstream or do I have 
to wait until next year?
 ( My other thought involved finding some of the stuff we should weed and giving it 
to the kids who just need to carry a book around!  ;>)

I will be glad to post a hit if anyone is interested

Darlene Yasick
Media Specialist
Hopkins (MI) High School

Darlene Yasick
Media Specialist
Hopkins (MI) High School

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