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We are fast approaching a Union catalog system for our five libraries.
Before we go "hog wild" with this new system, we want to have some
policies in place, to eliminate any possible headaches before they

First policy
If you are currently a union system and would share your Inter-library
loan policy we would appreciate it.

Second policy
One of the features we are really excited about is joint purchases.
Which we probably won't do a lot of, but we are excited about making
purchases that we know will be shared.  For example, my campus has the
majority of students taking Washington State history classes.  So I
would be purchasing the books for this area.  The other campuses would
have a few items to have a balanced collection, but would be borrowing
from me for any big projects.  Likewise one of the other campuses would
be purchasing the majority of another subject that isn't covered by the
curriculum on my campus but I'd have access now if a teacher did want to
have a project in that area.  Are there any words of wisdom or policies
that you've developed that you would share with us on this topic?


R. Jean Gustafson
Selah Jr. High
Selah, WA 98942

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