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On 11/23/04 7:25 PM, "BR" <l0x6@YAHOO.COM> wrote:

> Hi, All--
> I have agonized over this message.
> This is the first year I will actively avoid
> drawing attention to Chris's wonderful book.
> Are we, as a profession, in danger of adding
> to the dilemna faced by parents,
> and fueled by the media and business world.
> Yet another blitz of cross-promotion.
> It's even in the websites
> that have been cited as lesson plans
> and units of study!
> They did it to Seuss last year.
> This year Polar Express merchandise will top
> the "What I want for Christmas" list --
> and you can bet the book won't be first choice.
> Kids will want trips to MacDonald's,
> and more sugared cereal.
> Now, are we teaching healthy choices?
> I, for one, will not turn the library into a major
> commercial for the movie and it's attending paraphenalia.

Personally, I am loving all the hype.  The Polar Express is one of my
favorite stories!  I have teachers wanting to check out that book that Tom
Hanks is in the movie, they've never heard of it!  So the movie is bringing
a huge awareness to the book.  I have a few copies on my shelf, and I can't
keep them in right now.  The students and teachers are continually asking
for it.  If the movie can bring about this much awareness for the book, it's
well worth it.  And yes, I fell prey to the paraphernalia at Hallmark.
Especially when we can bring in our ticket stub and get 25% off!  I had to
buy the bell ornament.  The kids treasure it as our 'first gift of
christmas' this year.  I already own the book, so didn't have to purchase
it.  But it is on the top of my gift giving list this year:)

Raynette Schulte
Lincoln School Librarian
Watertown, SD

"To every complex situation, there is a simple solution.  But it's the wrong
solution."- Anonymous

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