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Know someone who needs a word processor but doesn't have the money to shell
out for MS Office?  Then AbiWord may be for them.  Please note, I have not
used this product.  I became aware of it through Kim Komando, a computer
guru with her own computer talk show and weekly newsletters.  Following is
what she sent in her site of the day newsletter.


AND NOW FOR TODAY'S SITE... Power to the people


If you're a starving student or a fixed-income senior, help is on the way!
AbiWord is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word, only it doesn't cost
a penny!


Programmers who encourage free software (called Open Source) created
AbiWord. Using this software, you can read and write Word documents. You can
create tables, lists, images and styles. You can even mail merge.


Best of all, AbiWord is multi-platform-- use it on Windows, Linux and other
operating systems. A Mac version is on the way.


At a wee 4.9 megabytes, AbiWord works on geezer computers. For me, it looked
and acted like a skinny Word, but with an intuitive Mac feel. Check it out!




Hope you found this helpful.





Vaneesa Thompson

Library Media Specialist

Trinity, Alabama



"I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at


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