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From: Vaneesa Thompson <vaneesat@BELLSOUTH.NET>
Sent: Thursday, November 25, 2004 12:00 AM
Subject: Re: [LM_NET] Fw: Was THE HOLY BIBLE now Christmas Traditions

<snip> … There is no example of people celebrating birthdays in
the Bible …</snip>

Whilst realizing that this is going to offend *at least* one third of the
world’s population (and probably the listserv administrators), I note that
the Bible does not mention using computers, cars, telephones nor any of the
other technology trappings that are commonplace in our everyday lives.
(Score point to Quakers) Significantly (and many theosophical scholars have
done the search), the Bible also doesn’t mention, use or promote humor in
our everyday lives. (Score point to The Petulant, bonus point to The

To practicing Christians, the Bible offers spiritual guidance through
anecdote/parable/apologue. To many non-Christians, the Bible is an
historical text.  For centuries, it was the original ‘resource’ for
story-telling/book talks. For centuries, it was the only written text
available for teaching the mechanics of reading. (Score point for literacy)

When I was managing a Catholic senior high school library, we held copies of
the Koran (Quran) plus reference works on Upanishads (the basis of Hindu
religion), the Talmud and many other ‘sacred texts’.  The significant events
for non-Christian religions were noted as they occurred in the school’s
library calendar, together with Christian saints’ days.

Perhaps the most poignant lesson from the Bible is that of tolerance. (Score
game to Humanity)

This is probably more than 2 cents-worth, but what with inflation ‘n’ all  …

Amanda Credaro
Sydney, Australia
Editor: Warrior Librarian Weekly <>
email: <>

A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.
 ~Jo Godwin


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