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A few weeks ago, I posted a query to my fellow Virginians about  courses for
library recertification.  Two librarians recommended  Canter.  And I had a
former colleague recommend a couple of courses at  Virginia Commonwealth
University (VCU) These were the replies I  recieved:

Have you checked Longwood since it teaches Sat. classes in the Richmond
area?  Anything Audrey Church teaches is great.  Of course, you may  have to go on
campus to take their electives for the library media  program.

I am taking classes through IUPUI in Indianapolis,  IN.  I have taken
several of Annette Lamb's on-line courses.  I  don't know what would be
involved for you to take classes with her but she  is the best.  The classes
I've taken with her are by far the most  valuable courses I've taken.  Check
out her site:  The best part is they are all on-line
and she let's  you complete projects that are practical and relevant to your

About a Canter class, they have online and video courses.  I just  ordered
another one.  The video courses you are self paced.  They  send you a video
and workbook and there are quizzes and a paper at the  end.  Variety of
topics.  You can find them online.

Go to: _www.canter.net_ (

It will be obvious what to do from there.

Warning: The Fall 2004 registration date has just been extended to 11/19.

I have taken one video course from these people that has gone toward salary
advancement and I will shortly begin an online course with them as soon as I
receive the materials.  Whether you take an online or video based course  you
will have 1 year to complete the course.  That's great for me because I  plan
on taking  2 more grad. courses while taking this one.  Total  cost: $395.00
and they provide with all the materials you will need to complete  the course.

You should check out the PBS TeacherLine courses online.  I  facilitate
(guide learners through courses) two of these classes, and both of  them are
excellent in design and subject matter.  You can apply for  graduate credit
for all of the courses.  The course I am teaching  starting in February for
PBS is "Teaching Phonemic Awareness and Phonics"  which earns you 30 hours of
inservice credit.  These courses are  nationwide, so you can find a course in
Reading and Language Arts, Children's  Author Studies, etc. to take online.
The typical cost of one of the courses  is $150, which is really a low cost
for such a quality course.

try east carolina university:  _

Thanks to everyone who responed.

Camille  Atkins
Media Specialist
Pole Green Elementary School
Mechanicsville,  Va.

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