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It is important that you know that I bring you this story as an
accomplished cook who has earned the reputation of being fully competent
in the kitchen - with or without the aid of any recipe - let alone one
called "foolproof." Our family and friends are more apt to accept an
invitation to our home if the visit includes a meal - as apposed to
relying on our conversation or wit.

I was intrigued, however, with Alice's "foolproof" recipe for turkey and
while I was skeptical of any method other than the traditional approach
which I have used and perfected over the last 40 years - I decided that
this was worth a try - especially since I loathe getting up in the
middle of the night to begin the preparation.

I followed her instructions with one exception - I substituted a nice
crisp white wine for the liquid which I felt would greatly add to the
flavor of the gravy. Everything happened exactly as she said it would
and while I was tempted to open the oven door - I did not. And I must
say that it paid off. The turkey came out of the oven perfectly cooked -
moist and tender. I timed the prescribed time for the bird to repose
before carving and then removed it from the pan to make the gravy -
which, by the way, was heavenly!

Everything else was so perfect that I decided to strain the turkey and
asked for my daughter's assistance. We "discussed" in typical adult
child/mother fashion who would pour the gravy from the awkward pan into
the strainer in the sink and finally she managed the pour while I
positioned the strainer to catch this perfect liquid from the perfect

When she was through pouring we both stared into the sink while we
watched the last traces of steaming, golden liquid run down the drain.

Please include in your directions for the "foolproof turkey recipe" to
be sure and place a receptacle in the sink to catch the liquid if you
plan on straining the drippings.

We did manage to have gravy - but that's another story.

Happy Holidays Everyone,
Kathy Mladenich
Artondale Elementary School
Gig Harbor, WA

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