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Hi everyone,

My first topic of discussion for my class is how teachers embrace new technologies 
and effectively use them.  Please read on:

Teachers today not only have to embrace new technologies, but also must know how to 
use them effectively to meet learning objectives in a standards-based environment. 
As Dr. Thornburg points out, the world that awaits students today will be one of 
constant change, and preparing students to thrive in this environment is a critical 
challenge for educators. As you consider the role you will play in guiding your 
students toward their future, reflect on your own experiences, and use them to 
inform how you might help your students develop skills that will help them deal 
with change.

Please help me by answering the following. I will provide a hit.

#1.  Describe a challenging situation, related to change, that you recently 
encountered in your teaching practice. Briefly explain whythe situation challenged 
you, then describe one skill or strategy that was effective in helping you manage 
the situation—and how.

#2.  Describe how what you learned through your experience can be used to help your 
students learn to respond to change. Explain one way that you can promote this same 
skill or strategy in your classroom.

Bill Katzenberger

William L Katzenberger, Jr.
Media Specialist
Dodge Park Elementary School
3401 Hubbard Road
Landover, MD 20785

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