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Book 5 came out in August.  It is titled Black Water.

L. Elaine Willis, EdD
Media Specialist
Irwin County Middle/High School
Ocilla, GA
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From: "Endlich Rebecca EWHS" <EndlichR@EDMONDS.WEDNET.EDU>
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2004 11:01 AM
Subject: [LM_NET] HIT:Pendragon

> I had sent this request and got replies from several of you. The series is
> the Pendragon Quartet by D.H. McHale. The titles are:
>             The Merchant of Death
> The Lost City of Faar
> The Never War
> The Reality Bug
> Thanks so much to Jean Gustafson, Fairrosa, Elizabeth Stevenson, Jamie
> Boston and Bonnie Ortner.
> A student is asking about a series of books - possibly 4 - which dealt
> travel between worlds through flumes. I thought he meant DUNE but that was
> not it. In one book, the protagonist flew with Amelia Earhart, lived in
> present world but was able to travel to either the first or third ones
> were either past or future. At one point someone destroyed the Zeppelin
> of Germany.
> Another title dealt with Atlantis; another one with a big pyramid which
> seemed to have a virtual reality existence which was hijacked by a virus.
> was able to use the system to make the virtual stuff happen in the real
> world.
> Ring any bells?

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