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First, a big thank you to all who took the time to respond to my Target.
I apologize for my failure to thank you idividually!  :-0
Original TARGET:  
Are any of you or your teachers (even better) using RSS feeds?  I am
most interested in finding out if people are beginning to use RSS feeds
to monitor professional journals or websites.  If you know of any
journals or websites of interest to middle or high school teachers that
have RSS feeds, I'd be MOST interested in hearing about them.
Very little came my way with regard to RSS feeds (many were interested
in getting more general info about RSS feeds).  Below you will find
information from individuals who sent me responses and links to
additional information for those who might be interested.
It seems that the there aren't many people using RSS feeds for teacher
professional development (I have found some really great feeds for
librarian-oriented info., but none that would be of wide interest to the
average teacher on my faculty).  
<<<It would be great - I asked this same question months ago with very
little response -- 
I was using some RSS feeds for quotes of the day --
Much to my surprise - parents called and complained about a Mark Twain
quote --- 
I also had some computer definitions and a On This Day feed but after
complaints - I decided that only feeds I will use is a pre-approved K-12
list.  I now only have a weather feed>>>
<<<I used it a bit last year. After a computer crash I never got back
into it. I did enjoy getting Gary Price's page on RSS. Overall, I think
I got too much info.>>>
<<<Dave, There is a new twist to RSS feeds. If the service you use
offers an email address for subscribers, you can subscribe to electronic
journals using the feeder address and get an RSS notification when there
is new mail. >>>
This site has much useful information on the usefulness of blogs for
libraries and librarians, but also has a nice section explaining RSS
feeds (follow the link to RSS).
Here is a list of E-Journals with RSS feeds.  Be warned that many (but
not all) of the titles listed require subscriptions for access:   I just like that it
gives me an idea about what might be coming down the line.
Thank you,


Dave Wee, Librarian 
Harvard-Westlake Middle School 
700 North Faring Road 
Los Angeles, California 90077 
Phone:  (310) 288-3270 

"You see, I don't believe that libraries should be drab places where
people sit in silence, and that's been the main reason for our policy of
employing wild animals as librarians."

~~ Monty Python ~~


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