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Dear Everyone,

Thank you for the many responses for the signup sheets.  I could actually feel the 
stress leaving me as I saw the responses coming in!

Thank you also for the responses to: LM-Net as my study-team partner: Topic 1.  I 
will post a hit sometime this weekend.  I would like to to try and get Topics 2 and 
3 out to you before the holidays before everyone leaves 8-).  This will also 
provide me with enough work to get done over the holidays.

Now another question but offtopic.  I have recently seen a teacher at my school 
with a knit piano wool scarf.  The teacher tells me she bought it off of a street 
vendor in NYC.  I have searched the Intenet and have found the silk scarf - which I 
did go ahead and purchase - but I really would like to get the knit scarf.  Does 
anyone have any idea as to where I might go to purchase one of these.  Of course, 
it's going to be a Christmas gift so I have to get my order in ASAP.

Thank you to the group - you are a blessing for the support that you provide in 
times of need.

Bill Katzenberger

William L Katzenberger, Jr.
Media Specialist
Dodge Park Elementary School
3401 Hubbard Road
Landover, MD 20785

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