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'Tis the Season...We have a 17-year-old female student (junior) in
our school who would love to correspond with a penpal (preferably
male but female ok).  This student has spina bifida and spends most
of her day in a wheelchair.  She does not have any friends and I know
she is lonely.  She is taught in the classroom but does have an IEP.
She needs to develop better computer skills and social skills and was
very excited to think someone out there could possibly be in a
similar situation and would correspond with her.  She writes below
her age level but has the ability to do better.  She lives on a dairy
farm, loves footbal, the Green Bay Packers, and Brett Favre.  Hobbies
include riding her bike in her lane at home (a three wheeler type
thing), listening to music, watching TV and reading magazines.
Favorite books is Harry Potter.  She likes country music, pizza amd
art.  Now, fellow librarians, do you know of a student who might
match up with this girl?  I would like to have her e-mail another
student so that she would write more frequently - rather than wait on
snail mail.  The student does not have to be handicapped, but a
handicapped student may understand her struggles and be more
empathetic.  Is there a friend for Vanna?  Thank you.
Beverly Nelson
Media Generalist
Spring Grove Public School
113 2nd Ave NW
Spring Grove, Minnesota  55974

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