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I have begun to study American Sign Language and am very interested in some
of the technology that can be used to promote communication, deaf/deaf and
deaf/hearing. My question is whether your schools use video email, and if so
which service provider you use?

I would also be grateful to know what you consider to be the best
periodicals for a newcomer to the study of deaf culture. Are there any
specifically for deaf children? I read an article in The Reading Teacher,
Paula Qualls-Mitchell, "Reading Enhancement for Dear and Hard-of-hearing
Children Through Multicultural Empowerment," and feel that is raised more
questions than it answered. Qualls-Mitchell seemed to imply that many deaf
children are mainstreamed in public school classrooms? Is this predominantly
the case in any state?

Finally, if I did subscribe to a video email service, do you know of any
kids who might like to correspond a bit with me/my students (Gr. 1-5)? I am
trying to share what I learn with my students, though not yet to the extent
that I'd like due to time constraints.

Thanks in advance.

Pat Bartoshesky, Librarian
Highlands (elem.) School  2121 Gilpin Ave.
Wilmington, DE 19806   302-651-2715

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