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     Today's "For Better or Worse" is so true!  This thread brings to mind 
my son Greg's seventh grade English teacher to whom I remain grateful.  Ms. 
Nall required her students to read 4 books per month for an A, 3 books for a 
B, and so on.  No book reports of any kind ever!  The books had to be GOOD 
books, award winners or authored by Ms. Nall's featured author(s) of the 
     At the time, I was an elementary school teacher and an assigner of book 
reports.  I thought it was quite odd.  "How will she know if kids are really 
reading the books?" I asked.  A parent had to sign the monthly reading log, 
and I certainly wasn't going to sign if I didn't see him reading the books, 
but I wasn't sure about those other parents!
     Ms. Nall, it seems, knew something I didn't.  Was I ever surprised when 
Greg, who had never much liked books, discovered he loved books!  He's been 
an avid reader ever since...
     If any of our DoDEA librarians knows Ms. Nall (Kaiserslautern Middle 
School,) please tell her, "Thanks!" and maybe forward this to her :-)

Cindy Maciog, LMS, IT
Montclair Elementary Scholl
Dumfries, VA 22026

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>I heard someone say once that this is the difference between teachers and 
>librarians - teachers want you to analyze a book to death, librarians just 
>want you to enjoy it.  It's the reason I disliked most literature classes - 
>didn't mind the reading, hated the analyzing.  Sometimes a tree is just a 
> Joanne

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