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My question was for software that would allow the librarian to remotely
monitor computer usage. I received a good
number of responses. Everyone using one of these programs liked them, there
were very few problems listed.

In addition to actually monitoring computer usage, responders also used the
programs as teaching tools by being
able to broadcast a website out to all computers and by being able to see
what students needed help.

Here are the different programs people recommended.

Altiris from
VCN Monitor

Another responder sent these links, these pages have information on some of
the programs above plus some that were
not listed

The responses:
I use Netsupport and I like it very much.  I can obserfve, send messages,
and even shut computers down from my desk if necessary.

I recently posted something similar on LM Net, but didn't get too many
replies.  I was wanting to compare Vision
 with Synchroneyes.  We currently have Vision in a Middle School (although
I've never seen it). Both products
 have online tutorials which are very helpful. Synchroneyes is much
cheaper, because you can get a grant. 
 According to our vendor, everyone who applies for the grant gets it. 
Anyway, I'm probably going to go that route. 
 I would, however, be interested in hearing the responses you get.

I have used Lanschool for 3 years in the library, we also bought lab sites
for our 4 mobile units and our two computer
classes and the elementary library. I have 25 computers in the library. I
love it!!!

We just recently ordered the monitoring software from Lanschool on the
recommendation of another
 high school librarian in our district.  We haven't used it yet, but the
other LMS (who is very tech savvy)
 absolutely LOVES it. The software allows you to send the user a message
(like, "you're violating our
computer usage policy"), take control of the mouse and keyboard, close the
program, and even log
them off.  It's also pretty affordable -- $395 per monitoring station
(unlimited number of computers you
can monitor in the library).  More information is available on their

Our software should arrive soon -- we are very anxious to put it to use! I
agree that the "walking around"
method doesn't always cut it! 

We use vision. I LOVE it. Not only can I see what students are doing, use
it to teach. it allows me to stand 
at the circ desk, display what is on my sceen on all the computers in the
room (better than a projected
image in the front of the room - each student sees the display right in
front of their eyes.)
I can also run programs on all the machines. For example, I can have all
computers in the room go to a
 certain web site -- just right for when I find something on the internet
that I would like to use in a lesson that
day.... sure beats trying to have all studetns successfully type in a url.

We use Altiris from and we like it.

I use Vision.  I didn't choose it.  I don't know anything about the others,
but this one serves my needs.  
I can see what they are doing, intervene into their computers if necessary,
even shut them down.  I
rarely do any more than just look.  The only 'down' side is you can only
have the admin part installed
on one computer.  I would like to have it available on the circ desk as
well as in my office but had to choose
one location only so I put it in my office.  I could use it to teach with
if I had control at the circ desk.

We are using the Synchroneyes (sp?) product in three labs at our school.
The teachers are all very 
pleased with it, and heartily recommend it to others.  We are unable to use
it in the library because we 
are using thin clients, rather than traditional computers, and our tech
hasn't had the time to figure out the details on that. 

Our school (9-12) purchased this software (NetOP) recently but has not
installed yet, so I don't have actual experience.

 We love SynchronEyes!

Our tech department uses RemoteScope. It allows them to observe, send a
message, take control, or share
 control of a computer. I think you can  bserve up to 4 computers at a

I use the Vision 5 software. It is easy to use, however, I have run into a
few gliches with viewing the 
images of the screens and "Blank Screening a student" when they are on an
inappropriate site.

I love NetOps.  In addition to being able to monitor computers, it allows
us to use them as a teaching tool, to pass the chaulk to a student computer
so that the student can teach classmates or spotlight work well done.  It
also can lock down the stations so that no one can do anything.

If you know someone who is knowledgeable in computers, there is a free
program called VNCMonitor.  
We have it up and running on our computers and it works great.  I did not
install it, so I am not familiar with how it 
works.  But our tech guy implemented it in just a couple of hours.  Go to
this website to learn more.

Deborah J. Stafford
Gen. H.H. Arnold High School
Wiesbaden Germany
now proudly on the web at

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