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Thank you to those of you who responded to my post requesting information about 
extended hours.  Several people asked me to post a hit, the responses are below.

John Allen

I would also like to know how to start doing extended hours and what
all is involved in doing the extra hours and if there is anyway to make
it work for everyone. Please give ideas and thank you so much.

We are open to 6.  You need to decide how you are going to staff, are you going to 
do programs.  I have had parents call me and say could you stay until 7, I want to 
stay at the office....  What do you do with students who are not picked up by 
parents.  If you are going to staff this as I do that to does your evening life in. 
 I have to say no to dinner invitations and many evening things.  I am here almost 
every late afternoon, unless there is a professional meeting I must attend or a 
medical appointment. (PS I am not sure I am paid extra for this, I can't tell)

 In my last school I had extended library hours twice a week. It was great- once I 
got students used to coming in after school. The thing that worked best was for 
teachers to offer incentives for coming to the library. Once the students started 
coming to the library then word spread and I had quite a few. Also, I relaxed the 
rules a bit. They were allowed to eat snacks in a designated area and they could 
listen to their mp3 players and keep their cell phones on (so their rides could 
call them to let them know that they were there). This was also in a high school 

I am at a grades 6-12 school and I do have extended hours. School hours 
are 8AM - 3PM; my hours are 7:15AM - 7PM, 5PM on Fridays. Issues I've 
had that you should consider:
 Decide what your computer game policy will be ahead of time, and then 
stick to it
 Ditto for food
 Ditto for noise level

What level of services do you want to have available? I have two office 
staff who share the after school hours. They can check books in and 
out, and shelve books, but they aren't much help when it comes to 

I am in an elementary school of 570 students. I have offered extended hours for six 
years now. I open the library as soon as students can enter the building (7:30). 
This works great for students who didn't get all their homework done, need to test 
over AR etc. This is a 30-min. block of time.  I also keep the library open after 
school until at least 4:00(My sign says 4). This is great for students who want to 
work on projects, have some wait time until ball practice etc. I have been known to 
keep it open much later.

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