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Hello everyone,

I am a student at Mc Daniel College studying Library Science and as an
assignment, our group was to create a list of 10-15 books from the last
3-4 years for our grade level (elementary.) Our group chose to focus on
Biographies. I had previously posted this list, but it became a big
jumbled mess, so I am reposting it. Please let me know your opinions.

Thanking you in advance.

1.      Title:  Action Jackson
        Author:         Greenburg, Jan  
        ISBN:   0-761-3770-3            2002
        Publisher:       Roaring Brook Press
        Summary:        A biography of Jackson Pollack and his artwork.
        Reviews:        W 6/03, HB 11/02, BCCB 11/02, SLJ* 10/02, BL* 9/02. Sibert
Honor 03

2.      Title:           Anne Frank
        Author:         Poole, Josephine
        ISBN:   0-375-93242-9           2005
        Publisher:      Knopf
        Summary:        A short biography of Anne Frank, who hid from the Nazi's 
        Reviews:        SLJ* 9/05, LMC* 8/05, HB 11/05, K 7/15/05, BL* 6/05, PW*
5/23/05, BCCB 9/05

3.      Title:  Champ: The Story of Muhammad Ali
        Author:         Bolden, Tonya
        ISBN:   0-375-92401-9           2004
        Publisher:      Knopf
        Summary:        Chronicles the life and career of boxing great, Muhammad Ali
        Reviews:        SLJ* 1/05, HB 4/05, BL 11/04, BCCB 1/05

4.      Title:  Confucius: The Golden Rule
        Author:         Freedman, Russell
        ISBN:   0-439-13957-0           2002
        Publisher:      Arthur A Levine Books
        Summary:        An illustrated introduction to the life and teachings of
Chinese philosopher Confucius.
        Reviews:        SLJ* 9/02, LMC* 1/03, PW* 8/02, BL* 10/02, K* 7/02, W 6/03, 
Notable 03

5.      Title:  Daring Nellie Bly: America's Star Reporter
        Author:         Christiansen
        ISBN:   0-375-81568-6   2003
        Publisher:      Knopf
        Summary:        Biography of Nellie Bly, a stunt reporter for an 1800's
        Reviews:        BL 9/03, SLJ 10/03, HB 4/04

6.      Title:  Genius: A photobiography of Albert Einstein
        Author:         Delano, Marfe   
        ISBN:   0-7922-9545-5   2005
        Publisher:      National Geographic
        Summary:        A biography of Albert Einstein
        Reviews:        W 11/05, BL* 4/05, BCCB 7/05, LMC 10/05, SLJ* 5/05, HB 
10/05, K

7.      Title:  Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez
        Author:         Krull, Kathleen
        ISBN:   0-15-201437-3   2003
        Publisher:      Harcourt
        Summary:        Biography of migrany worker Cesar Chavez who fights for 
        Reviews:        SLJ 6/03, BL 6/03, HB 10/03

8.      Title:  Jump!: From the Life of Michael Jordan
        Author:         Cooper, Floyd
        ISBN:   0-399-24230-9   2004
        Publisher:      Philomel Books
        Summary:         Story of how basketball great Michael Jordan worked for 
to beat his toughest                                                            
competitor...his older brother.
        Reviews:        SLJ 12/04, HB 4/05, BL 9/04, BCCB 1/05

9.      Title:          My life with Martin: A sister remembers growing up with Rev.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
        Author: Farris
        ISBN:   0-689-84387-9   2003
        Publisher:      Simon & Schuster
        Summary:        Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr as told from his 
point of view.
        Reviews:        SLJ 2/03, BL 2/03, HB 3/03

10.     Title:  Promises to keep: How Jackie Robinson changed America
        Author:         Robinson, Sharon
        ISBN:   0-439-42592-1   2004
        Publisher:      Scholastic
        Summary:        Robinson's daughter tells of her father, the first African
American to play in the major leagues.
        Reviews: SLJ* 3/04, BL* 2/15/04, HB 10/04, BCCB 4/04

11.     Title:          Sequoyah: The Cherokee man who gave his people writing
        Author: Rumford, James
        ISBN:   0-618-36947-3   2004
        Publisher:      Houghton Mifflin
        Summary:        Biography of the Cherokee, who developed the first written
alphabet and language for his people.
        Reviews: SLJ* 10/04, HB 4/04, BCCB 1/05, BL 10/15/04, ALA Notable

12.     Title:          Talkin about Bessie: The story of aviator Elizabeth Coleman
        Author:         Grimes, Nikki
        ISBN:   0-439-35243-6   2002
        Publisher:      Orchard Books
        Summary:        Biography of the first African American woman to receive a
pilot's license.
        Reviews:        SLJ* 10/02, LMC* 1/03, BL 6/03, HB* 1/03, W 6/03, ALA 
Coretta Scott King Award

13.     Title:          To Fly: The story of the Wright Brothers
        Author: Old, Wendle C
        ISBN:   0-618-133347-X  2002
        Publisher:      Clarion Books
        Summary:        Examines the work the two Wright brothers did to develop 
first machine-powered aircraft.
        Reviews:        SLJ* 10/02, BCCB* 10/02, HB 11/02, BL 10/02, W 6/03

14.     Title:          Voice of her own: Phyllis Wheatly, A slave poet
        Author: Lasky
        ISBN:   0-7636-0252-3   2003
        Publisher:      Candlewick
        Summary:        Biography of Phyllis Wheatley
        Reviews:        SLJ 1/03, HB 10/03, BCCB 2/03

15.     Title:          When Marion sang: The true recital of Marian Anderson, the
voice of a century
        Author: Ryan, Pam Munoz
        ISBN:   0-439-26967-9   2002
        Publisher:      Scholastic
        Summary:        A biography of the first African American, Marian Anderson, 
perform at the Metropolitan Opera
        Reviews:        SLJ* 11/02, PW* 10/02, K* 9/02, BL 6/03, LMC* 1/03, W 6/03, 
Notable, Sibert Honor Book

Cassandra Lopez, Media Specialist
Northfield Elementary, Maryland

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