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Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 17:23:07 +0000
From: Paul Cairns <>

   HCI 2006: ENGAGE
   11-15 September 2006
   Queen Mary, University of London
   The 20th British HCI Group conference in co-operation with ACM.

- Engage in producing exciting papers about interaction
- Engage with the conference themes
- Engage and be engaged in a stimulating and exciting conference in
   London's East End

For the first time, the HCI conference is engaging with six core
themes. These themes capture some of the established favourite ideas
in the community as well as suggest new collaborations and
approaches. The goal for you as a submitter is to engage with one of
the themes in rich and unexpected ways. At the conference, we will be
setting up discussions where you will have the opportunity to
challenge and be challenged on how you have adopted the theme.

This year Volume 1 papers will printed as usual, and for the first time
will be published electronically with the cooperation of the ACM, see

In line with changes in our field, we are putting an emphasis on
useful and usable research. The British HCI conference is an
international forum for academics and practitioners interested in how
people and technology work together. We are making no distinction
between practitioners and researchers. So we say, ?Farewell, Industry
Day? ? just come for the people and the ideas?

First deadline: 3rd February, 2006


The six themes have been developed in consultation with members of the
HCI community. Submissions to the conference should engage with one of
the themes below and respond to the theme?s question so that the
sessions at the conference can foster lively and challenging
debate. There are many ways to cut each category ? theories, practice,
novel interaction paradigms, and so on ? our aim is to bring together
different points of view on each topic for lively and coherent
discussion at the conference.

1. Enthralling experiences: what draws people in?
      - Performance, aesthetics, emotion, and creativity ? powerful
        engagement can be a means or an end.
2. Interactions in the wild: how does technology breach boundaries?
      - The border between chaos and control changes as interactions
        leave the desktop and go mobile.
3. Connecting with others: what happens around and through technology?
      - Interacting with colleagues and friends is helped and hindered
        by the connecting technology.
4. Mind, body, and spirit: how does diversity impact?
      - People are different, so interactions should span age, ability,
        culture and gender.
5. Interactions for me: what improves my experience?
      - Technology can be dehumanising but it can also improve working
        and social life enormously.
6.  At the periphery: how can we create ambient engagement?
      - Disappearing technologies, such as ubicomp, mixed media, and
      ambient intelligence, still engage us even though we can?t
      directly interact with˙them.

HCI 2006: Engage will be hosted by Queen Mary, University of London
drawing on the eclectic mix of communities and practises of the East
End of London to inspire an inter-disciplinary meeting of minds.

   HCI 2006: ENGAGE
   11-15 September 2006
   Queen Mary, University of London
   The 20th British HCI Group conference in co-operation with ACM.

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