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Here is the correct information about Jan Brett's version of "The Twelve Days of 
Christmas."  Gwyn Clark (Thanks Gwyn!) also sent me a list, which matches Jan's 
response below. Jan was kind enough to respond to personally respond to my email, 
so I can assure you this is the correct listing of the origin of the holiday 
greetings (found in the side panels of the book's pages) by language/country. The 
original post follows for those who are interested.

 "Here is the information on the pages for the book in order.  The 
languages of my Twelve Days are, English, Italian, French, Norwegian, 
Walloon (Belgium), Polish, Russian, German, Hungarian, Scottish, Spanish, 
and English." - Jan Brett. 

Jan's December "Hedge a gram" (monthly email posting) shares some information about 
one of her new books and the process of preparing the "spreads" for the publisher, 
which I found quite interesting. She sends out an email newsletter to those who 
subscribe (free) through her website.

Joanne Ladewig, Library Media Technician (a.k.a. "Library Lady")
Lawrence Elementary School, GGUSD
Garden Grove, CA USA    
 ---Comments are my own and may not reflect the views of GGUSD.

Original post:

Years ago (prior to year 2000) I posted a list of the languages (Christmas 
Greetings) in Jan Brett's version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." I have looked 
through the LM_NET Archives to no avail - I cannot find the post. If any of you 
have the original post or a similar list, please send to me. Thank you!

I am reading (and singing!) the story to my 2nd graders this week and would love to 
share all the countries of origin along with the greetings. Some of the countries 
(France, Spain, Scotland) are easy to determine, but the Russian/Slavic/? ones are 
a bit trickier. 

For those of you unfamiliar with this book, it is classic Jan Brett - gorgeous 
detailed illustrations with a side-panel story depicting a Victorian era family as 
they celebrate Christmas. Each of the 12 gifts also has a greeting in the 
appropriate language to the ethnic bent of the illustration (e.g. - the three 
French hens have a French Christmas greeting).

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