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Thanks to everyone who sent info for us.  The student
was very surprised when I kept coming up with new
places for him to look.  I will let you know how well
he does in the fair.  Thanks again Heather

Here is a list of the responses:
Teaching Tolerance Magazine pages 47-51 has an article
on challenged books.  The issue is Spring 2005 and it
provides a little of the history.  You may access this
article online.  The URL is The title of the
article is Books Under Fire.  Hope this helps.

ALA's web site has a great deal of information for
your student.  Also, check the intellectual freedom
part of the NCTE web site for more info. ALSC and
YALSA also publish HIT LIST, which has much of the
detail being sought.
A most excellent article, and only three pages long,
by Jamie LaRue: "Buddha at the Gate, Running: Why
People Challenge Library Materials." James LaRue,
American Libraries, December 2004, p42-44.
February 20-26, 2005 is Freedom to Read Week in
Canada.  For the last twenty years, the Freedom of
Expression Committee of the Book and Periodical
Council has asserted that "freedom of expression is a
fundamental right of all Canadians, and freedom to
read is part of that precious heritage."  For more
information on this topic which includes background on
banned books go to their website:
Someone just sent me this link today.  It is basically
a blog and reviews of banned books and commentary by
the website's author.  Not sure how much official
research your student can gleen from it, but its
interesting. (Don't let the hyperlink title scare

You can find a wealth of information at ALA's site.

There is a wonderful book I use when making up my
"Banned Book Week" displays.  It's titled 100 Banned
Books: Censorship Histories of World Literature by
Nicholas J. Karolides, Margaret Bald and Dawn B. Sova
published by Checkmark Books in 1999.  The ISBN is
0-8160-4059-1.  It
Is divided into four sections: literature suppressed
on political grounds; literature suppressed on
religious grounds; literature suppressed on sexual
grounds and literature suppressed on social grounds.
This histories are really fascinating.

Banned Books:  2004 Resource Sourcebook by Robert P.
Doyle (this book itself has been banned!!) published
by ALA

(ALA Banned Books Week)
(Forbidden Library)
(Amnesty International)

Heather M. Henry
Library Media Specialist
Musselman Middle School
105 Pride Ave   (**Note the address change**)
Bunker Hill, WV 25413

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