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Thanks to all who responded YOU make my job so much easier!
I need a weeding policy or guideline WITH justifications for the entire
collection. It can't be just "it's too old" or "I think" type reasons. I
also don't have time to buy a book


I have referred to this website which also gives reasons,
good reasons, for weeding; ergo, keeping the collection
healthy. Especially check the "Getting Down to Business"
section, that has information about 'Defining your Criteria'.
I hope this will help you.

First of all, check your state guidelines. Here in Missouri, for
example, we can count only those materials which are newer than a
certain age in certain Dewey categories. We are free to keep older
materials, but they don't count toward our totals. As a result, it is
wise to weed those old materials that are not circulating.

Otherwise, I'd suggest (based on research and published guidelines) that
anything older than about 10 years old AND not circulating is a
candidate for weeding. After you have weeded for a couple of years, you
can go to the real guidelines, which is to weed at the 96 percentile
level. That means that you track circulation data and see when the last
time something circulated and keep 96% of that age. Example: 50% of the
material that circulated this year was copyrighted 2003 or newer; 75%
was copyrighted 2000 or newer, 96% was copyrighted 1995 or newer. That
means that anything older than 1995 is a candidate for weeding. That
doesn't mean that it automatically is removed, only that is _may_ be
removed. Clear as mud?

Did you check the Sunlink Weed of the Month page?

Does Florida DOE have standards for school library materials? Minnesota's
say a good collection has an average copyright date of 10 years old in
non-fiction. Needless to say many of us do not meet the standard, but it
sure provides ammunition when you go looking for funds to replace. Your own
SUNLINK has some very good criteria for various sections of the library. I
would start there and be brave. Collection development consists of weeding
and ordering. Also realize this is an on-going task. I weed fiction, E, and
non-fiction on a rotating basis. Each section gets a go through every 3
years.  You may want to do a purge the first few years and then a more
casual weeding in years to come.
Try these references at the SUNLINK site:
If you
need immediate help try Sunlink.  It is a wonderful, immediate,

This is another site I found that has a cool PowerPoint on the CREW
method of weeding.

Here's a quick printable PDF document which gives some brief guidelines.

This is a recapping of the above but has info for ordering the CREW

Hope this helps,
I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but
Doug Johnson makes some great points in this column:

And the Florida Sunlink Weed of the Month Club has some
excellent guidelines:

Good luck!

I am attaching some information on the CREW method. If after
reading through it, you have questions, please feel free to email me.
This method was developed by our state library and many school libraries
use this method. It helps so much. Their site if you would like more
information is

Other sites on the crew method include

The attached PowerPoint is from Belinda Boon, Texas State Library.

Also, Follett Library Resources ( has a
***free*** service in which you can upload your collection and they will
specify what is considered outdated. They will then match up suggestions
to replace those 'old' materials. Of course, they are hoping that you
will purchase through them, but you do not have to. They will also
compare your collection for balance and many other things. If you have
not used their service, I encourage you to do that.

Lynn, there's a wonderful book on weeding offered by the ALA bookstore.
I found it online and bought it a few years ago but it is missing and I
don't remember the exact name but it was on the CREW method of weeding.
Sorry I can't be of more help.  I need to get another copy myself.  If I
have time, I'll look it up tomorrow and get back with you.


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