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Dear Colleagues . . .

This past week I found out that some districts are blocking
their teachers from reading criticism of NCLB.  It turns out
that one company blocks access to my journal at
because it is "Forbidden Category: Political/Advocacy Groups."

This seems like censorship and mind control to me since the Ed
advocacy on behalf of NCLB remains unfiltered despite all the recent
about paying a columnist to promote the law.

I am curious to see how many members of this list work
in districts that have used the filtering product provided
by SonicWall and how many people were aware that this company
is making decisions about what teachers and children should read
and know about political issues.

I am in the process of contacting the company to challenge what
seems like a heavy-handed and unfair approach to filtering and I
am also preparing a major article warning about this trend so it
would be helpful if members of the list could send me more information
about this product.

There are plenty of documents on the ALA Web site decrying this kind
of censorship.  It violates the rights of the journalist and it violates
the rights of the readers.

Please write me with stories of how this type of filtering may have
come to your school district.

Many thanks,

Jamie McKenzie

Jamie McKenzie
Editor, From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal
Editor, The Question Mark
Editor, No Child Left
500 15th Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

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