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Dear LM_Net,

I would like to add my two-cents on this topic.  Don't ever introduce your
student teacher as a "student teacher" to staff, parents or students.  This
only devalues the person in the eyes of students, parents and staff as
someone who isn't a professional.  Introduce your student teacher as Miss,
Mrs. or Mr. ____________ (fill in the blank), they're a visiting librarian
who will be working with you this term.

Even though students will figure out they are new to the job, they usually
will treat the new librarian with as much respect as you give them and with
respect they earn from the students.  Teachers will end up treating them as
colleagues instead of someone less then a professional.

We just finished having two student teachers in our building, one in math
and one English/Resource English.  Our math teacher treated her student
teacher as a colleague with students and staff.  This made it a lot easier
on this young professional and she shined in the classroom.  Our District
hired her as a mid-year hire.  The other young professional wasn't as lucky
with their mentor teachers and had a tougher time in some of their dealings
with classes and students.  He'll probably find a job soon because he's a
good teacher, but our District may have missed out on hiring him as a
mid-year replacement because he had less support from his two classroom
mentor teachers.

Peter G. Mohn, LMS
Snohomish Freshman Campus
Snohomish, WA

"You live and learn.  Or you don't live long."  -- Heinlein

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