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You know, I think the whole "bleak literature" think is popular in adult fiction, 
too.  My book club's selection for this month was _Kite Runner_ by Khaled Hosseini, 
and although the writing was excellent, it was just too depressing for me to 
finish.  I read about the first hundred pages and threw the book down in disgust 
(although I read the end just to see how it wound up).  Another month my club read 
_Heaven of Mercury_ (Brad Watson) and it was the same thing.

I enjoy good fiction, but if I read for self-entertainment, I don't want to be 
depressed.  I enjoy a good mass-market paperback because it provides enjoyable 
escapism.  Don't get me wrong--I have read many "serious" fiction pieces (I enjoy 
Walker Percy and Robert Penn Warren) and like them.  It just seems like more and 
more serious literature is depressing.

I talked to my mom, who read _The Dogs of Babel_ (Carolyn Parkhurst), and she 
agreed--that it was good to read literature like that, but it was also good to have 
the fluff literature, too (my mom is a retired English teacher).  I did not read 
_The Dogs of Babel_, but from what she described of it, it seemed depressing.

Maybe it is not the quality of the writing, but the content that determines whether 
or not I will enjoy the book.  If you have any suggestions for happy serious 
literature, please send them to me!

Maybe that is why I like to read non-fiction more than fiction.

Just my $.02--feel free to chime in if you disagree!


Robyn Sager
Midfield High School
Midfield, AL
(205) 923-2833

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