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     I am embarking on what is, for me, a very
ambitious project.  I am starting a library committee.
 Our first meeting is this Friday and I am a little
nervous.  My purpose is to have a group of parent
volunteers (just parents right now because we are
meeting during the school day, so that lets out
students and teachers for now) that will help me come
up with ideas, and then help implement those ideas, to
promote reading and literacy in our school and
community.  For example, during TV-Turn Off Week I was
thinking of offering something every night to give
children and their parents an alternative to watching
TV - things like a board game night, renting the local
roller skating rink, having a pot luck, etc.
     I was hoping that some of you out there might
have some advice to offer me.  I have never done
anything like this before, so any suggestions would be
welcome.  Do any other librarians out there run
committees for the purpose I have described?  What has
worked for you or what hasn't worked?  I realize I
will have to do what works for me, but your
suggestions might help to give me a little more focus.
 BTW, we will not be a fund raising group.  We will
use funds from my Book Fair and ask the PTA for help
as needed.
     Thanks for any suggestions or advice you can give

Kaline Goodrich, LMS
Hermon Elem & Middle
Hermon, ME

Knowledge is free at the library. Just bring your own container.   - Unknown

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