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In addition to being a LOT of work, I don't get it.  I have a chart that compares 
lexile levels to reading levels.  The lexile 800 is found in grades 3 through 8!  I 
understand that lexile considers syntax and sentence length, but how can the 800 
level be appropriate for both 3rd & 8th graders?  I know there are 3rd graders 
reading on an 8th grade level and visa versa, but content/subject matter is vastly 
different for these levels.  Please don't flame me, but I feel Lexile is a 
marketing ploy and some in the education community has bought into it.  In my 
humble opinion, reading levels are much more understandable to students and 
parents.  As a parent, if my 8th grade student is reading on an 8th grade level, I 
can be proud.  But can I be proud if my 8th grade student is reading on the 800 
lexile level?  Or should I be concerned?  Just my 2.

Mrs. Linda Slacum, Librarian
Cherry Hill Middle School
2535 Singerly Road
Elkton, MD  21921

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