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WOW!  I couldn't believe the response on this obscure request.  (I really
needed to help this staff member, too>)

How about Mama Zooms by Maine's own Jane Cowan Fletcher.  The hitch is that
it's only available in paperback now.  (Mama is in a wheelchair--thus the
rolling :>)  My K teachers loved this for their simple machines study.

Brought to mind the rendition of:
          On top of Spaghetti, all covered with sauce....
             (don't remember the rest but )the meatball rolls out the
door!! <g>
This person even sent a link to the lyrics

Peek, Merle. Roll over! : A counting song / illustrated by Merle Peek.
New York : Houghton Mifflin/Clarion Books, c1981.

Paye, Won-Ldy. Head, body, legs : a story from Liberia / retold by Won-Ldy
Paye & Margaret H.
Lippert ; illustrated by Julie Paschkis.
1st ed. New York : Henry Holt & Co., 2002.

How about Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece.  It might be a little long
for the teacher's need, but there is definitely rolling.

Have you seen the (book of poems by Jack Prelutsky?  includes one about
)Something about rolling Henry down the hill?

Immediately I thought of the version of the 3 Little Pigs when the pig
rolls down the hill in the butter churn. And there is a story called "No
Dinner: The Story of the Old Woman and the Pumpkin" by Jessica Souhami, in
which the old woman rolls home in a pumpkin to avoid the wolf.

I love _Rolling Rose_ by James Stevenson, where the baby rolls right out
the door in her walker, and picks up her baby friends as she rolls down the
sidewalk and pretty soon about eighty babies are all rolling in their
walkers.  I know I am not describing it very well, but it is very funny and
the kids really enjoy it!

The Pancake by Anita Lobel.

The book The Wonderful Hay Tumble by Kathleen Harris has a huge haystack
rolling down the side of a hill on almost every page. It picks up many
things as it rolls.

We have a book the kids love about a girl trying to get her dog to roll
over:  Roll Over, Rosie, by Trinka Enell.  Or maybe a book featuring
"This old man came rolling home"?

There are always books about steam rollers and roller skating, too.


I must admit I didn't check the archives.   This is such a unique (fun,
 > challenging...) request I thought it had to go right to living, breathing
 > librarians.
 > A first grade teacher wants stories that deal with ROLLING.   In her
 > words:
 > My next science activity deals with things rolling down a ramp.  Do you
 > know if we have either a fiction or nonfiction or both that would have
 > that
 > for a theme?
 > I had one 1975 title related to inclined planes, but would like you to
 > think if there are any stories in particular which feature something
 > rolling.

Marcia Dressel, K-5 Librarian
Osceola Schools
Osceola, Wisconsin

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