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The lists seem incomplete with some books missing so I went to Wikipedia, the
free encyclopedia.

I was able to add to Wikipedia:  David Gerrold has a YA series that starts
with Jumping Off the Plant.  A father kidnaps his three sons and goes to the
moon.  One son is gay.

Gerrold received a Nebula for a short fictional version of The Martian Child.
 He later expanded it to book length.  The story is biographical -- a gay man
adopts a child.

"   Stapledon, Olaf, Odd John
"   Heinlein, Robert
Stranger in a Strange Land
Time Enough for Love
"   Delany, Samuel R
Einstein Intersection
"   Gerrold, David
Jumping Off the Planet
The Martian Child (non fiction)
"   McHugh, Maureen F. China Mountain Zhang
"   Sturgeon, Theodore, The World Well Lost

The James Tiptree, Jr. Award  is an annual literary
prize for "science fiction or fantasy that explores and expands the roles of
women and men for work by both women and men". It's named after Alice B.
Sheldon, who wrote under the pseudonym James Tiptree, Jr. for many years before
revealing her identity and real name.

The Lambda Literary Awards  are
given annually by the Lambda Literary Foundation for works of gay and lesbian
literature. Only categories for SF and fantasy are included in this Index.

Gay Science Fiction Books

David-Glenn Anderson

Cascadia Educators Conference
Science Fiction in the classroom
Thursday, September 1, 2005

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