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Dear LM_NETers,
        Peter said I could post this.  I've heard this duo and they
are very good.  Their library-themed songs are great.  If you can
pass this on to the librarians who will be organizing summer reading.
You also might want to check out their CDs.

_Going on an Adventure_ has "Library Song",
Saturday morning and the rain is pouring (drip, drop)
Dad worked late last night, he's in there snoring
Same old stuff on TV, boring
So what if I can't go out and play, I know what I'll do today:

     Oh, I'm going down to the library
     Picking out a book, check it in, check it out
     Gonna say Hi to the dictionary
     Picking out a book, check it in, check it out

  _Connections_ has "Hanging Out with Heroes in the Library"
It's a foot-stompin', rope-swingin' barrel of fun!
There's something in a book for everyone
to make your heart pound faster and your eyes pop out!
It'll get you so riled up you just gotta shout
that the hero of the story is the one you wanna be!
I love hanging out with heroes at the library!

  _Patchwork Planet_, "Author, Author".
At the party of Dr. Seuss
His crazy characters all got loose
Sam-I-am and those 2 stubborn Zax
danced with the Sneeches and the old Lorax

Summer tour
Two of a Kind is an award-winning musical duo from Pennsylvania
specializing in thematic performances for libraries and schools.
They create interactive programs to tie in with specific summer
reading program themes.  Two of a Kind will be doing a cross-country
tour in summer 2005, with the following schedule (please note: exact
dates are flexible):

- Michigan: 6/24 - 7/1
- Illinois (Chicago area): 7/1-4
- Wisconsin: 7/5-6
- Minnesota: 7/7-9
- South Dakota: 7/10-11
- Wyoming: 7/12-14
- Montana: 7/15
- Washington: 7/16-21
- Oregon: 7/22-24
- California (Northern/Bay): 7/25 - 8/2
- Nevada: 8/3
- Arizona (Grand Canyon): 8/4-5
- Utah (southern): 8/6-7
- Colorado (Mesa Verde): 8/8-9
- New Mexico (Albuquerque/Santa Fe): 8/10-12
- Colorado (Denver area): 8/13-15

The end of their trip could go through Kansas & Missouri, or through
Nebraska & Iowa, then Indiana, Ohio, and back to PA.

If  you are interested in contacting them, here is their information:
David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans
Two of a Kind
Phone: (215) 782-8258

Johanna Halbeisen, Library Media Teacher
Woodland Elementary School (K-4)
80 Powder Mill Rd, Southwick, MA 01077

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