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HIT: Jr Hi Research Skills

I had asked for help with lesson plans for 7th and 8th graders about
plagiarism, research skills and/or web searching before our Christmas break.
  Thanks to all who responded and below is a list of the responses.

You'll find lots of good/relevant links and resources at:   and

Take a look at "How Do I teach the process of citing sources K-20" in our
Knowledge Base and you might want to use a
common example from our " Library Subscription Databases Category" - those
are the hardest to cite!  Also, you can have them use "NoodleBib Starter" to
get the hang of citation...

I've also got a Web page on choosing which search engine to use...
Go to and click on "Choose the Best Search for
Your Information Need." (right hand column)

If you want to talk about internet searching, there is a great website done
by Kids Click called "Worlds of Searching."  They get to go through
activities dealing with all the types of searching (Alphabetical, keyword,
boolean, etc).  I used it with sixth graders.  Good luck.

Later this year, a complete plagiarism lesson will be posted on ALEX
(Alabama Learning Exchange).  It will be posted there.

Minerva King, Media Specialist
Princeton Christian School, Princeton, FL

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