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Thanks, Chris, for collecting so many wonderful online resources on

I'm the primary school librarian at Dulwich International College down
in Phuket and our start of term for students has been delayed until next
Monday.  We teachers, however, will gather tomorrow morning for an INSET
training day on how to help students deal with the recent events.

Our island was not hit as hard as nearby Khao Lak, Krabi, and Phi Phi.
To the best of our knowledge, none of our students was killed, though we
do have injuries amongst staff and students -- and some deaths within
their extended families.

For my own purposes, I'm collecting a list of children's literature
featuring tsunamis and earthquakes (thanks to all who have posted

However, I think my library displays for this new term will focus on "A
new year -- new beginnings and starting over" -- and I'd like to feature
books full of hope and/or happy endings.  Any ideas? (I'll post a hit if
I get enough responses.)

I was also thinking of highlighting books/novels set in Indonesia, Sri
Lanka, and India -- as we know how much harder those countries were hit.
And our hearts go out to everyone there.

The Lemony Snicket movie hasn't opened here yet, though it will perhaps
be appropriate when it does.  A series of unfortunate events certainly
describes the post-Xmas season here.  Daniel Handler has written about
how the books were influenced by his upbringing in a family affected by
the Holocaust -- and how he learned at a young age that being good
doesn't necessarily save you in life.  Life isn't fair.  In that sense,
those books reflect the reality of the many stories our students will
have experienced, witnessed, or heard in the past week and a half.
There is no logic to who escapes.

-- Katie

Katie Day
Primary School Librarian
Dulwich International College

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Thanks to those who have already posted links to Tsunami resources.

I'm added a few myself on the front of but have also
included materials to help cope with the trauma that may unfortunately
happen this week as International Schools in the region start the new

Sad times.


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