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Last week I asked people to send me practical ideas for organizing technology 
stuff--cds, manuals etc plus ideas we have to have in our head to take care of 

The unedited responses are below.

Mary Alice

You could make one document for each type of tip, but what I do is list each
tip I want to be able to remember, one at a time in a Word document, with a
keyword or two for each (edit, e-mail, document, security, scanner, camera,
etc.). To find the needed tip, use your "find" function in the edit
pull-down menu. It will take you to each tip for that keyword, one at a
time. Works for me!

I store all of the original CDs in in a large CD binder organized by
type of software and manufacturer (e.g all HP printer disks together).
I was going to buy inserts for a three ring binder but they were more
expensive than buying a large CD holder (holds about 200 cds).  I also
write any software keys (serial numbers) on the disk and on the pocket.

To keep track of warranties and upgrades, etc. on computers I place a
sticker on the side of the CPU with date of purchase, vendor, P.O. #,
and the computer specs.  It is very handy when I need to call for service.
I've been ecperimenting with a new approach (I formerly used the 'important 
cupboard' approach.
For speciality equipment (cameras, digicams, projectors, etc) I've started using a 
notebook with clear pocket inserts (page sized, open from top).
Each is labeled with the name of the device and date. I put everyting in there, 
from serial # to tech support and install, directions, even CDs. Important info 
facing out, when possible. When I make up directions for using the items, I'll put 
hard copies w/ file name in an adjoining folder.
Storing tidbits is even tougher. I've tried to save email in folders like 'district 
tech info' or tech info,' so I can hunt through what has come.

The pieces of info from magazines and whatever are harder. I generally throw them 
in a tech info folder, where they rest unless I go digging.
As media people, we have som much in our heads; shall we anticipate technlogy that 
will take out thoughts and store them for others to use?? (so we can retire in 

I keep my software manuals all together in one cabinet. Some I keep in the
boxes, others it's just the book. The biggest problem I've had with software
is that the CD's get stolen. The best solution I've found is a three ring
binder with plastic inserts designed to hold the CD's. I can keep it in a
secure file drawer at my desk. I write tech tips down in a notebook,
especially when the county technician visits and I can learn new things from
him. Ideally I should have it sorted in some way, but I don't. I can usually
find the page where I've written the note I need pretty quickly.

I store all my manuals(Overheads, CD players, LCD's etc) by brand name in a file 
cabinet.  It seems to work better than sorting by equipment type.
 Do you know about "portaportal" a great site to store all those websites you want 
to remember?  They are stored in categories and can be accessed from any computer.  
I have not found any problems with it.  The site is
erson, Lead Media Specialist
Winona Middle School - 1570 Homer Road
Winona MN 55987  - ph: 507 494 1050
> web site:
> Online Professional Development , School of Education: University of Wisconsin - 
> Advocacy and Emerging Issues for Media Specialists


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