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We schedule midterms individually - but all in the same week.  That is,
since First Quarter grades are due to the Office around Oct. 25, each
teacher has to have his/her midterm exam done the week before to get the
grades in on time.  Mid-terms in the spring are due mid-March. 

Semester and Finals exams are given all at the same time.  In December,
First Semester exams are given the last three days before Christmas Break
and we start the new semester when we come back in January.  Finals are the
last three days of the school year; the exception is Seniors Final Exams are
the week before Graduation in June. Semester Grades are due the first day we
are back from Christmas Break. Finals at the end of the year are due the
following Monday, which is also our last Faculty Meeting.

All students take the same exam at the same time.  We have a study period
before the exams begin, collect the textbooks, and then they are called to
the testing site. 
All students go to the Multi-purpose room at the gym. Seating is controlled
so the grades are mixed and test covers are also color coded.  Students must
wear short sleeves, no ties, coats, etc. and only bring writing utensils.
On Math test days they may bring an approved calculator.

We use the following schedule: First exam day:  Morning - English, Afternoon
- Religion; Second Day: Morning - Social Studies, Afternoon- Science; Third
Day: Morning - Mathematics, Afternoon - Language.

Those who have conflicts, two languages for example, take one exam later in
the day; they get a different exam one than the others take. For example, a
student might take his Spanish at the same time as everyone else and then
take his German later in that day.  Conflict exams are given in a different
place than the rest of the exams.  Also, those who need extended time are
tested in a different place than the others so they are not disturbed by
others leaving. 

The time period for Exam days is this:
8:20 - Homeroom
8:30-9:25 - Study Period in Homerooms
9:25-9:30 - Textbook turn in (when appropriate) and students called by grade
to exam area - those needing extended time go to separate room
9:30 -11:00 - First Exam period 
11:00 - 11:45 - Lunch
11:45-12:40 - Study Period in Homerooms
12:40-12:45 - Textbook turn in and students called by grade to exam area -
those needing extended time go to separate room
12:45 - 2:15 - Second exam period - Students to leave school area when
finished with exams unless they have to take a Conflict Exam. 

2:30 - 4:00 Conflict exams 

Hope this is helpful. 
If you have any questions - I will be glad to answer them. 

Toni Koontz
St. Charles Preparatory School
Columbus Ohio
Carpe Diem 

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