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Meyer, L.A._Bloody Jack._Harcourt, 2002 [0-15-216731-5]
Jacky is an orphan surviving by living with a gang in
London. She decides to disguise herself as a boy and sign up
as a ship boy on a departing warship off in search of
pirates. She is in constant fear of being found out.  One
night a mean shipmate tries to rape her and is so surprised
that "he" is a girl, Jack is able to stab him and push him
overboard.  She gets the nickname of "Bloody Jack" when she
kills a pirate and returns to the ship with a blood-covered
sword. Then she starts falling in love with another of the
ship's boys who fears he is becoming a sodomite because he
likes Jacky.  When she starts bleeding, she is concerned and
nearly goes to the ship doctor but then it stops.  When they
land she asks a prostitute about it and finds out about that
and the ways of men. This 278 page book is not your usual
girl-pretending-to-be-boy book.  While there is nothing
descriptive, there are plenty of sexual references (as I
mentioned above.) It is a great adventure with plenty of sea
battles which holds the reader right to the interesting end.

Frederick Muller, Librarian
Halsted Middle School Library
Newton, NJ  07860
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