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Doug sez:

>Say what you will about the implementation of NCLB, but the goals themselves
>are exciting - all children literate and all teachers highly qualified. Now
>THOSE are goals! Where are the equivalent goals of the tech plan?
>- All graduates able to use information technologies to solve problems
>creatively and give defensibly supported answers to meaningful questions.
>-  All students able to harness technology to communicate powerfully.
>- All teachers using technology to provide individualized learning
>opportunities for every child.
>- The educational goals of all children with special needs met through the
>use of adaptive technologies.
>- The recognition that the use of technology is a means to an end, not an
>end in itself by every school decision-maker.

Yes, I agree!  What about some lofty, long-reach, impact-laden goals?  What
about a VISION?  We're living in a technological age (certainly no one
would refute that, even at the DOE) and yet this document talks not about a
brave new educational world where technology expands our vision of what
kids will know and be able to do but instead offers a generic set of
recommendations that could be applied, in many cases, across the
educational frontier ("strengthening leadership, budgeting innovatively,
improving teacher training. . . " blah blah blah).


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