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"A perennial problem for schools, teachers and students is that
textbooks are increasingly expensive, quickly outdated and
physically cumbersome. A move away from reliance on textbooks
to the use of multimedia or online information (digital content)
offers many advantages, including cost savings, increased
efficiency, improved accessibility, and enhancing learning
opportunities in a format that engages today’s web-savvy students. "
Dear Folks,
Having been both a SLMS in a Catholic Title 1 school with no budget for technology 
and barely books, except what I could garner in grants and donations for both, and 
now a Tech Coordinator in a more upscale Catholic school, I am dismayed to see the 
emphasis on Technology in both concern and budget, similar to that across the 
country, it seems.
The Catholic Library Association of Washington DC (Elementary) is having their 
first joint meeting with our Tech Coordinators to get the lay of the land regarding 
what we are both seems that these positions are melding into one where 
budgets for staffing are slim, and that as usual, no one in administrations (local 
or national) really understand the importance of the SLMS and how this affects 
learning, despite the recent studies posted on this site!
My gut feeling is that unless these two professionals work together as team 
teachers, frankly, libraries are in a bad way which means ultimately, so are our 
students.  I will certainly write letters, but our organization carries little 
weight unfortunately..if anyone has a group letter outlining what we feel we need 
as professionals,  to which we can add our names, I would be happy to bring it to 
our February 10 meeting.
Thank you,
Tina Hudak (trying to get back to books!)

Media Specialist
St. Bernadette School
Silver Spring, MD 20901

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