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                Does anyone else out there have difficulties with the tech guys and 
Fortres?  Previously, we had an  individual seat license for Fortres and (after 
much complaining) had permission to have the password.  This year -our Fortres is a 
network license (as I understand from our tech coord.)- Now, I am told that I can't 
have the password because it can't be different for each machine (like in the 
past).  Think I am being fed baloney.  I am basically locked out of all the 
computers I am responsible for. 
                Wrote a letter explaining my reasons for needing a password:  
                1. Clear the Internet history (although you can supposedly set set 
it to keep zero days history, this does not always work). 
                 2. Organize/delete bookmarked sites (Students sometimes get 
bookmark happy or bookmark sites for games, etc.) 
                 3. Change the homepage (With a click of the mouse, students can 
change the homepage on some of the Internet websites.) 
                4. Delete the cookies and Temporary Internet files.
                5.  Run Spybot to identify and delete spyware. 
                6. Clear the print job (when the printer has jammed and students 
have continued to push the print button many times.  At this time, I have to leave 
a message for tech guy and hope he gets back to his office in time for students to 
get their article or paper they are trying to print). 
                7. Delete student files (papers, notes, etc.)  saved on the hard 
drive (To help thwart the opportunity to plagiarize) 
        After letter, I was told they are "working" on a solution.  I just want to 
know if I am being fed a line of baloney.  Am ideas or comments appreciated.  

Julie Taylor, Librarian
Ava High School
P.O. Box 338, Ava, MO 65608
(417) 683-5747

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