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I am compiling some information to share about Opening Day Collections for
middle schools and high schools.  I know that there are vendors out there
who provide opening day collections but I need some quick facts---

*  cost of an opening day collection for middle school
*  cost of an opening day collection for high school
*  number of books in that collection --MS
*  number of books in that collection -- HS

Plus, if anyone has any experience in acquiring and receiving an opening day
collection from a vendor, could you please let me know the approximate
number of "man-hours" it has taken to get the materials processed and ready
for the students---in weeks, months, or whatever.  Also, if you've done
this, did you have any assistance and if so, how many people were involved?

I am assuming that the collection may already come processed by the
companies (as I have ordered significant numbers of titles in the past few
years with the processing completed and MARC records ready), however, I also
realize that there are still bits of information that must be added to each
MARC record which takes time, plus the books must be stamped inside,
etc.---so there is still some work to do once the collection arrives.

If you have any vendors that you've used that you believe have been
outstanding (fill rates, service, back-orders on time, etc.) could you let
me know this also?

Any insights into this would be appreciated since I will be providing this
information to a Friends of the Library group in a few days.


~Shonda Brisco
TVS MS / US Librarian
Fort Worth, TX

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