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I am currently working through our church with a group of Spanish speaking adults 
who want to learn to speak, read and write English. I know a very few works in 
Spanish. I was first working with group of beginners and now am working with an 
"intermediate" group-- don't know what that means as I can't see a big difference 
in the skill level which ranges from understanding some English to really just 
looking at me in confusion. The program that was put together is from a university 
class and really doesn't make a lot of sense to me. ( we are teaching vocabulary 
and the list of occupations to learn included actor and actress, dentist but not 
doctor. Another list included chalkboard and globe!) I can't imagine how we are 
going to teach abstracts like think, hope dream etc. and trying to explain words 
like have as what is difficult. I think we are making progress but I had an idea 
last class. I'm thinking that it might be helpful to get some fairly simple picture 
books (this will!
  have to
 come from my own funds or the public library)and learn vocabulary from them as we 
readand learn from context clues.. If there is anyone on list who has had some 
experience with ESL on an adult level I'd appreciate some feed back or suggestions. 
Would this be a good idea? What are titles that might work? Any other suggestions? 
The students are so eager to learn and I want to do my very best for them TIA 

Darlene Yasick
Media Specialist
Hopkins (MI) High School

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